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  • Invoices the amount that was quoted.
  • Works well with other trades.
  • Cleans up after each days work.

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Are you a Homeowner with questions?

I am renovating and/or building a Laneway Home. Do I need a New Electrical Service? What are my options?

We have answers:

Old service panels do not have the ability to accommodate modern electrical loads like Laneway Homes, Car Chargers or On Demand Appliances. Current Canadian Electrical Code requires Arc fault and Ground fault protection in residential dwellings. These highly sensitive breakers protect life and property by shutting off power supply quickly when an electrical fault is detected.

We have solutions:

One call from you and we will install a New Electrical Service or Sub-panel completed in one day.
Your new Electrical Service will make possible all the upgrades you have planned.


You have questions?

I have a Kitchen Renovation or adding a Rental Suite to my home. What are my options?

We have solutions:

We know how to accommodate the additional electrical loads without tearing your house apart.
We know local city bylaws and when an electrical permit is needed.

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