Adding lighting to the outside of your home not only improves its night time curb appeal, it also provides practical safety and security measures that are seldom thought of.


Steps are a prime area for accidents to happen in the dark.  Guests, unfamiliar with your outdoor architectural structure can easily trip over stepping stone pathways.  Similarly a set of steps on a paved pathway to accommodate the natural rise of your property, or even just a natural incline from sidewalk to front door can have the same results.

Strategically placed night lights along the pathway illuminate the stepping stones and steps as well as intuitively familiarize the eye to the natural incline so that people walking up to your door are less likely to have an accident. 


Security is a growing concern in all neighbourhoods.  According to Landscape Architectural, proper lighting around a home has been shown to reduce crime potential by up to 50%.  Wall mounted electrical can be used to light the perimeters of your home and or to brighten dimly lit areas.   That beautifully landscaped shrubbery or dense foliage is an invitation for thieves not only to hide but to blend in with the darkness to make their way to a vulnerable entryway into your home.


Landscaping is as much a part of your home as is the interior.  Does your yard sport a beautiful Japanese Maple, a mature Magnolia, or a rare Blue Spruce?  Subtle led lighting brings the beauty of the tree to life.  Sculptured lamps at the entryway to your driveway add character.  Stylized sconces on either side of your front door throw a light of warmth and welcome.

While most homeowners focus on lightscaping for the front of the house, the backyard is equally important, especially if you entertain outdoors during the warmer weather.  Outdoor kitchens and living areas are a growing trend.  Consult with Kirsch Electrical for the best night lighting options for your home.